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    Hello.  My name is Matthew C. Wallace and, I am a public address announcer.  I have announced over a thousand sports contests as well as non-athletic experiences.  My background spans a diverse spectrum of sports, events and levels.  This includes everything from Little League to NCAA Division 1 athletics to the American Heart Association.  Simply put, I’m most at home when I’m behind the mic providing fans and onlookers the information they need to get the most out of the game or event they paid good money to attend and enjoy.

    As a professional, I passionately adhere to a Client First philosophy.  More than just providing a vocal talent, I thoroughly prepare for all of my engagements by reviewing all rosters, pronunciations and required copy.  Upon my arrival, you never need to worry about my readiness to work.  I always show up early and during your event, I diligently focus on my role from the moment I step in the door until finishing clean-up afterwards.  I want your affair to run smoothly and be well-received by your attendees.  Good, professional announcing can, truly, enhance your event or tarnish it if otherwise.  As a member of your team, I measure my performance on how well I satisfy your vision of success.  After all, it’s your game.  It’s your event.  My job is to support your efforts through good professional announcing.

    Back Story

    It all began one Saturday afternoon at a Little League ballpark in Redondo Beach, California.  Little ones ran.  Dogs barked.  Hot dogs sweetened the breeze. Kids in colorful uniforms speckled the diamond.  What a terrific day for baseball!

    However, we parents squirmed in the stands. Why? A couple of kids clowned around in the announcer’s booth messing up everyone’s afternoon.  They announced batters out of order and, music played during pitches.  Giggling and silliness monopolized the moment and, not a thing on that scoreboard reflected the game.  All the parents and the umpire complained over and over for these kids to stop.  The game was a mess.

    Resolved to do something about this, I hopped to my feet and climbed upstairs into the booth. The kids flashed spooked looks on their faces when I said, “Fellas, late me take a shot at this.”  The kids darted.  I plopped down, fixed the scoreboard, grabbed the line-ups and, I’ve been bringing happiness from behind a microphone ever since.

    Sampling Matt

    Below are some samples of the voice of Matthew C. Wallace so, you have a realistic concept of vocal ability, tone and timbre.  All samples are recorded dry with no effects and little inflection. This gives you, the client, the best sense of voice. There are many other athletics he has done and can do.  As an example, he has performed volleyball, swimming and much, much more.  He is big on Client Satisfaction and, it all starts with his voice. Each client different vocal styles. Matt prides himself on inflecting to satisfy each customer’s requirements.  If he is not your cup of tea, no problem.  Head below and click the link to where you can search or advertise for an announcer to your liking absolutely FREE!!!

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    You don't want just anyone behind that mic

    A wide variety and number of incidents, good and otherwise, can occur during any event.  You need an experienced professional speaking to a crowd on your behalf.  This individual requires experience, poise and composure to help you successfully navigate through any event.  Otherwise, you jeopardize the  success of your event and, potentially, the safety of your attendees and staff.  Don’t take chances.  Go with a professional public address announcer.

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    Why Matthew C. Wallace

    – Certified NASPAA Professional
    – 1000+ Events Worked
    – Reliable
    – Punctual
    – Flexible
    – Southern California based
    – Can and Willing to Travel

    Not Me? I Can Still Help

    Give me a shout anyhow.  I know many public address announcers and, I can reach out to my network, on your behalf, to help connect you with someone good.  Likewise, ask me questions, make constructive comments and share your ideas regarding public address announcing.  I view all interactions as opportunities to learn more.

    Thanks for reaching out!

    Matthew C. Wallace